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Complete services

We cover all avenues of the fashion industry not just limited to clothing creativity has no boundaries                       nor do we.
Working directly with the designer we interpret styles and concepts in order to pin point your market.
Taking your concepts in its early stages from general ideas or rough sketches to a comprehensive workable flats
Monitoring, directing an assisting the factory in the production phases, we make sure the final product is what you want.

Fashion & Technical Design Consulting

We thank you in advance for considering our services and ask that you review the following pages so you can get an idea of our consulting services that are available and when you’re ready we can proceed.

Concept Interpretation

Our specialty is decoding your thoughts to actual products and making them work.

Great Support

You have the full design support of my team. We work with you creatively from beginning to end getting your ideas to materialize.

Fast turnarounds

No client is ever the same some require more time than others, we customize your project to the right pace for you.

Very Flexible

Being creative takes a lot of time and effort, we work with what works for you. flexibility to your schedule is just that flexible.

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Welcome to Whats2wear !

“ A distinctive fashion design service that takes concept to reality one idea at a time”